Sunday, January 3, 2010

Institute of Information Technology Nushki Balochistan


Aid of Poor Chidrens.

In a perfect world, every child would be nurtured by a loving family, attend a challenging and exciting school and live in a supportive community. But the sad reality is that not every child has these opportunities.There are many poor and needy children, who are able, talented enough to excel in their education, thus improving their personal, family and community livelihood, however their financial circumstances do not allow this to happen. Many of these children are forced into child labour. Shaikof Education Development Foundation is sponsoring the education of some of these poor children. We train them computer courses so as to make them selves to stand on their own foot. We would welcome your financial contributions in this noble and worthy cause.Our Goals
1. Educate the Poorest Childs
2. Help him to stand on their own foot.
3. To Extend awareness in society in order to educate their children

Address: Shaikof Foundation Noshki Balochistan
                main road Noshki

Ph:  0345_3335308

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WinXP Installation Process Video Tutor Part1
WinXP Installation Process Video Tutor Part2
WinXP Installation Process Video Tutor Part3

CorelDraw Video Tutor Lesson1
CorelDraw Video Tutor Lesson2
CorelDraw Video Tutor Lesson3
CorelDraw Video Tutor Lesson4
CorelDraw Video Tutor Lesson5
CorelDraw Video Tutor Lesson6

Inpage Balochi Video Tutor Lesson1
Inpage Balochi Video Tutor Lesson2
Inpage Balochi Video Tutor Lesson3
Inpage Balochi Video Tutor Lesson4
Inpage Balochi Video Tutor Lesson5
Inpage Balochi Video Tutor Lesson6

VBScript Urdu Video Tutor Lesson1
VBScript Urdu Video Tutor Lesson2
VBScript Urdu Video Tutor Lesson3
VBScript Urdu Video Tutor Lesson4
VBScript Urdu Video Tutor Lesson5

Computer Processor Video Tutorial Balochi
Computer Memory Video Tutorial Balochi

MS_Word Teaching in Balochi Lesson1
MS_Word Teaching in Balochi Lesson2
MS_Word Teaching in Balochi Lesson3
MS_Word Teaching in Balochi Lesson4
MS_Word Teaching in Balochi Lesson5

Shaikof Presentation Ukraina Khmelnitsky
Shaikof Presentation School enrollment day
Shaikof Presentation H/S Gindary Keshingi
Shaikof Presentation(Mother Tongue) on 23-7-11 Noshki

Video Lesson Installation
Video Lesson VBScript
Video Lesson Excel
Video Lesson CorelDraw
Video Lesson windows

Computer Introduction Brahvi

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